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My son and I had set out to enjoy a nice little Saturday at the Indoor Winter Farmers Market. Strapped for cash, I didnt expect to buy much or anything for that matter but farmers markets just do something for me. I love the ambiance, the energy and the local goodness. True to suit, we walked into Bachman’s, followed the signs for the market and were greeted with the hustle and bustle of like minded individuals and blue grass music. Son liked the music and free samples. I laid off the coffee since I had already had 2 cups and was set to begin a regime of no caffeine the following day as part of my yoga training. Sawyer had some cheese samples and these way-too-healthy looking granola bars that to be honest, looked like bricks of dried out soap. He loved them though and Im sure they were delicious. They were made with only a few ingredients and had I not looked greedy, I would have taken a few samples for myself. Sawyer’s favorite was the green tea bar and green it was. I love my little adventurous eater. The little guy and I sat down and listened to some music and as it was nearing lunch time, I decided to head out soon since we still wanted to stop at the library. S asked for “more” and knowing he was referring to the bar, I grabbed him a sample and one for myself. He grabbed his green tea bar and began chewing it while grabbing at mine. I let him have it and it was then I spotted a familiar face. Standing before me was my local celebrity crush, RT Rybak. I thought it over and decided to introduce ourselves and thank him for all he has done for our community, especially in recent light of what is going on in this country. There I am, chatting with Rybak, in my glory. I mentioned how we have the same roots as him and mentioned our names and parents’ names. I was so humbled by how down to earth he was (which I have known) and kind.

 Of course, this is the perfect time for my son to begin choking/gagging on his bar, right? Right. Not only that, he projectile coughed green slime (from the bar) all over me and himself. I tried cleaning it up but it was everywhere and I had no wipes of napkins. You see, my son is on a pretty regular pooping schedule. I know when he is going to poop. I guess one should always be prepared with wipes. Kids are messy. Lesson learned. There’s not really any going back from that. Sawyer was coughing, we were covered in green slime and RT was laughing. I shook myself off and said,”Well hey, you’ll remember us, right?” RT Rybak agreed that yes, he would. We then walked away. Parenting may not be pretty but it sure is rewarding.

 I later tweeted RT and apologized from the green slime incident and wouldnt you know it? He called me a great parent.