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Was 2016 really so bad? There were definitely ups and downs and when I look back at my year, I dont see anything that made it as horrific as Im hearing people say it was. People died but many were born. Politicians were assholes but many were out there doing good in the world. Terrorists attacked but there were also peacemakers helping those in need.

I encountered hardships of my own yet when I reflect on the year, I see mostly good because that is what I am choosing to focus on. I respect the difficulties and celebrate all the year blessed me with. I fell ill for a period of time, mentally and physically, but I can say that I have built myself up and have grown in ways I didnt see possible. I met an amazing man who helped me see my worth and value. While this relationship brought tears, it also brought me so much love and passion. I am so grateful for the love in this relationship. Love and respect.

My son started walking and talking. He is such a joy in my life and while his father still attempts to create difficulty in my life, I accept it for what it is and take the bumps in stride. Life is what we make it and I choose to make this life my own and not let anybody else dictate it.

2016 is the year I FINALLY jumped in and began Yoga Teacher Training with the teacher I have dreamed of learning from. Jason Hulshof, owner and founder of HeartYoga, followed his dream of opening his own studio and because of that, my dream has become a reality. In two months, I will be a certified yoga teacher and will have learned under Jason Hulshof, student of Jonny Kest! Jason presented me with an opportunity I could not turn down. Ive met the most amazing group of people thus far in this journey and I will be saddened when my Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon trainings come to an end.  Perhaps I will have to take another training 😉

So friends, lets make this year amazing. Know you can achieve your goals. Practice kindness with yourself and others. Play with your children. Focus on experiences instead of things. And always remember you are doing the best you can. whatever-the-present-moment-contains-accept-it-as-if-you-had-chosen-it-always-work-with-it-not-against-it-this-will-miraculously-transform-your-whole-life-eckhart-tolle